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Two Kids, Two Cats and No Clue
Tuesday, 15 January 2008
Scrapbooking, and lack thereof
Topic: No Clue
I just ordered 162 prints from King Soopers.  No, this is not for all of 2007, but just the last 3 months of it.  Granted, 100 of those will go straight into the family album because I'm enough of a realist to realize there's no way I have time to make a family scrapbook.

This leaves 60 photos to be scrapbooked.  Two kids, two scrapbooks.  Makes sense, right?  Too bad it's also "two kids, half the free time" or more accurately, "two kids, no free time."  I did the math on this and am hoping I'm not generating 10 scrap-worthy photos a month per kid, because that pace is simply unsustainable.  Christmas is the annual curveball, right?  We don't go nuts taking cute kid pics on Valentine's Day and Easter and July 4th and Halloween and...  Oh crap, we do.

But one of my half-formed New Year's Thoughts (can't call them Resolutions if they're only half-baked) was to get caught up on my scrapbooking.  Since this is a noble yet laughable ambition, it was immediately discarded in favor of "I'd like to scrapbook, at least once, in 2008."  Doable, but notably less noble.  How about "I'd like to scrapbook once a month in 2008."

That seemed perhaps marginally workable, so I set off trying to figure out how to make it happen.  Oh!  Scrap Club at the library!  Pros: big tables, one afternoon a month, FREE.  Cons: run by a sales rep, populated by cliques.  That's okay -- I'm doing my own thing anyway, or I'll bring my own friends.  Oh yeah, one more con -- there are no dates scheduled for 2008.  No sure if the sales rep was asked to leave or if she realized library patrons aren't quick to whip out their checkbooks, but Scrap Club appears to be no more.

Oh!  Scrap Mania at Archivers!  Pros: big tables, access to cool tools, pick a weekend evening that works for my schedule.  Cons: populated by cliques, $15, and the hours are 5-11 and Kristen's last feeding of the day is 6:30ish.  I'm not ashamed to admit to you, my dear friends, that I am far too cheap to pay for 6 hours of cropping time when I can only use 4.  Seems wasteful to my eco-hippie-disestablishmentarian self...

And the COScrap weekend retreats are entirely out of the question until Kristen is weaned...  So I'm stuck at home with the baby and a spouse who's willing to watch her and the other kidlet between feedings.  The only way I'm going to get any scrapbooking done in 2008 is to schedule my own Club or Mania or Retreat here.  I'm much more likely to do this if someone goads me into it.  Anyone up for the challenge?

Hooray for 2008!

Posted by kyal at 3:53 PM MST
Updated: Saturday, 26 January 2008 9:04 AM MST

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