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This is the largest gem tree I will ever make. It's just about two feet tall and contains over 250 feet of 22-gauge wire and 541 hematite chips. I lost track of how many hours it took me to make it.

The little baby trees in the foreground are much more manageable. I make these using several different colors of wire and gemstone chips.

Here are more of the bitty ones.

I decided I was going to design a crochet cat bed since I didn't want to shell out $20+ for a premade one. I was worried about whether the cats would understand what it was or use it, but Sebastian couldn't even wait until it was finished before trying it out.

The funniest part of the whole experience is that it is now HER bed -- Katrina claimed it when he wasn't looking.

It took me two years to finish, but I finally have my wildlife cross stitch pictures and mirrors up in our entryway.

I told my husband I could too crochet a pot, and I macramed one too. The yellow one is my first attempt at a coiled-rope basket.

Yes, there is a use for those AOL CDs that come in the mail. It's a CD mobile, decorated with prismatic stickers, and it makes a great gift for the dorm dweller in your life. The lucky recipient is my brother James.