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Miscellaneous Beadwork

My square for the Bead Quilt, in memory of September 11.

My very own beaded bird -- I am so thrilled with how he turned out!

A small wooden box, decorated with the dragon pattern from Kimberly Chapman.

I made this as a wedding gift for a friend, who never acknowledged it. The pattern for the winged serpent-dragon is on my patterns page; the unicorn is an adaptation of another pattern.

My first lighter cover. The fairy's dress is actually silver-lined amethyst, and it simply refuses to be photographed. The pattern is by Lynette Washington.

My first attempt at making French beaded wire flowers. This little forget-me-knot arrangement was a birthday present for my mother.

Curtain tie with blue, green, and grey pearl.

The second tie is one of two that I made for my bedroom. The pattern was adapted from one at Hecuba's Bead Graphics.

Note that I finished these off with matching chevron beads, sturdy clamshell bead tips, and wire rings of beads. It was a great way to make use of my warp threads!

A gift honoring my grandfather, a WWII veteran.

This bottle is just too cool... The pattern is by Lynette Washington, done over a trial size lotion bottle.