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Howard Andrew Edler

12-4-65 to 6-5-00

I met Howard when I was thirteen years old. He would show up at our house in his little Austin Mini, Sharrocko, or his monster truck. My first job was with him, mowing lawns. He had a trailer hooked up to his truck and we went cruising around Cherry Hills mowing the rich people's huge yards. We did that a few times and it gave me the opportunity to really know the zany creation he was.

I remember visiting Tom Travers' house with him. Howie picked up some car parts for his Austin Mini.

He was always smiling, laughing or cursing (loved that little cuss-box he had).

He introduced me to Wallace and Grommit. To this day I still can't look at Grommit without picturing Howard and Mary-Lou.

I loved the sounds he could make with his tongue. The classic example was his arrow sound. (shwep, fa da fa da fa da) I could never move my tongue fast enough.

I remember going to the stock show. (95ish) He knew his way around and taught me that you should be able to play cards on the most prized cows. (Flat table like backs). Boy I heard him exclaim, "There's a fine Cow!"

He was always amazed at how well Kevin and I could master our Nintendo Games. (Perhaps he just wondered how we could play them for so many consecutive hours. Then he discovered SIM CITY one Christmas break. Sorry Diane but we took Howard for a couple nights of just us boys and made a super Nintendo city.

I went to Blanding with Ron and Theresa, got to fly again with Howard (Ronnie puked). No big surprise.

New Years Eve 12/31/97:

Kyal and I came over and the four of us hung out. Howard made some interesting soup, Beer cheese I believe it was, best with lots of pepper. Howie had just put his new seats in his truck and the two of us went to Big Kmart on Arapahoe road to by a VCR. We played tag in Kmart for awhile and then finally found a VCR he liked. We also bought a five-gallon keg of dark Beer and attempted to tap it in your kitchen. I use the word attempted loosely, we actually spilled more beer than we drank but it was a blast. Fortunately you lent me Howie's Budweiser shirt. I wear it quite often. Kyal framed the picture of Howard and I with our Santa hats on and me in that shirt. We are both smiling and look very happy. It was a perfect evening. That is how I will remember Howard.

Shannon, Kevin and I used to launch paper airplanes at you with questions written on them. The most popular question was, "Will you take us to Dairy Queen? Check box 1 for yes, and box 2 for no." I think it even worked a few times.

Kyal and I moved out of Boulder the same time you moved back from Michigan. (5/97) You had a U-haul trailer and we had a lot of stuff. Howie to the rescue! He even carried Kyal's computer and monitor together. Strong Man.

He even helped us move from our apartment to our new house, despite having to work later that day.

I remember eating chicken at my house when Austin had just learned to crawl. He was fascinated by Katrina (the cat). Howard also liked the hat Kyal made Austin so much, Kyal made a dad sized one just for Howie.

Howard and I had a running joke about Huba the Barber. Huba was a seven foot tall black man who loved to say "C'mere boy, sit down in my chair and let Huba have a look at you".

The camping trip with you, Howard, Cheryl, Ronnie and me was classic. We went up to Clear Creek Canyon, Howard parked his truck on the side of the Highway, later went back to move it to a safer place. We climbed up the rushing river edge for about 2 miles. I remember making fun of Ron when he dropped his sleeping bag down the mountain into the river. Howard then got to carry the 500lb waterlogged bed up the rest of the way. I remember placing a hunk of green moss on your shoulder and scaring you silly. Howie thought it was hilarious. Howard wanted to keep our food cold so we staked out our Safeway bags in a calm part of the river to keep them cold overnight. At night it poured rain and the river rose and swept our food away. On the hike down the next day we kept finding cans of pop and hot dog packets at various downstream locations. But we didn't starve so it was all right.

Diane, these are the most vivid memories I have of my brother-in-law Howard Edler. Words cannot describe how much he will be missed. I just want you to know that Howard was the most easy going, fun person I have ever met. He knew what he wanted in life and he went for it. I hope I can have some of his spirit.

I still have days when I just need to cry. I expect those days will continue. That is the type of effect your Howie had on everyone he met.

Know that I love you and Austin and that I'm here for you.

With love