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Who's Kyal? Some days I haven't the foggiest idea. Seems like I'm always just doing things: parenting two kids, keeping house, creating something...

I spent five years as a software engineer for a now-defunct little internet company before dropping out of the rat race to raise my kids. It was a difficult transition, but SO worth it. I do miss some of the geeky stuff, so Stride, a local nonprofit, has put me to work fixing up donated computers for their clients. You can read more about them at If you're in the Denver metro area and interested in helping out with either hardware or software installation, drop me an e-mail. No experience necessary -- we'll happily teach you computer repair and software installation. I'm also not above begging for any not-quite-obsolete hardware anyone would like to donate...

Hobbies? Wow, where do I start? Maybe just a list: inline hockey, gardening, card making, bead and wire work, crochet, some scrapbooking, and anything else I decide I just have to learn. The only things I won't touch: sewing, because I can never get the silly tensioner to work (although I'll happily hand-sew anything small), and I stopped candlemaking because I just kept burning things, mostly myself. Kyal + fire = something flaming that shouldn't be...

I also do a bit of website design, but my clients have a nasty habit of going out of business or being bought by someone bigger. Right now the only site I half-heartedly maintain is the Cambridge Farm Homeowner's Association website. I also did the design for Baseline, my husband's barbershop quartet, before our newest family member was born. I've given up looking for more projects -- raising my daughters is very much a full-time job, and I figure the right project will show up when I'm ready for it.

Last updated 15 January 2008

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