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Happy Holidays, 1999

Welcome to the chaos in the Dalrymple-Kientz household...

Here's Steve setting up his brand-new Lego train around the Christmas tree. Katrina is already plotting ways to derail the train...

As you can see, Miss Katrina is very intent on catching this little electrified plastic contraption.

"Uh, guys, I thought trees were supposed to have a pine scent. What's this plastic stuff?"

"Train hunting is very serious business."

"Maybe if I hide behind the presents and move real slow, that train won't see me!"

Sebastian caught a flesh-eating bacterial infection in his eye in early October. He had to have a corneal graft. As you can see in this picture, his "patch" is healing very nicely.

Katrina taunted him the entire time he had to wear his plastic cone collar. We think that's why he tackles her with such reckless abandon now that he's better.

A man and his best friend.

"I think I'll just help myself to a few of these Pringles..."