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Other Free Pattern and Tutorial Sites's Beadwork Site TONS of links related to beadwork, including bead shops, patterns, projects, and a beader's bulletin board!
Augusta Crafter A newcomer with some promising patterns up
Aunt Molly's Beadwork Patterns Great mini-patterns for both loom and peyote stitch, and a links page which is updated on occasion
Ava's Free Patterns Beautiful floral peyote amulet bag patterns!
Bead & Button Magazine See what's in the current issue!
Bead Dancing Cool earring patterns, a wonderful rose, and a right-angle weave feather pendant
Bead Fairies Bead Fairies is back, with an incredible set of links... Tons of freebies as well as those for sale
Beaded Flowers Several patterns for bead and wire flowers
Beadnik's Pattern Pages Index A variety of original patterns in various stitches
Charlene's Beadshop I love Charlene's use of color...
CJ's Free Bead Patterns Peyote and brick patterns, lots of variety!
Eagle Spirit Tutorials Chevron and daisy chain instructions with some neat variations!
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Free pattern link at the bottom left
Felinda -- Frogstone Beads The canary on a thistle and the Ndebele Twist necklace are my favorites
Glass Butterfly The name says it all Colorful mini amulet patterns in peyote stitch
Jennie Might's Free Stuff Needlecase cover, signs of the zodiac, graph paper and more
Kathi Lawson Scroll about halfway down the page to see the pattern links
Kim's Amulet Bag Patterns How does she make those nifty flaps?! All are done in peyote stitch
Kimberly Chapman Mystical and fantasy peyote stitch -- I love the dragon box!
Marcie's Manor Nice peyote patterns and various bracelet tutorials
Nahani's Bead Den Patterns and templates for earrings
NativeTech: Native American Beadwork History, techniques, and lots of information
Red Earth Gifts Cute peyote patterns!
Rings and Things Projects Tons of stuff, including a number of earring patterns
Sadie Starr Check out the free patterns released in conjunction with her new book!
Shala's Beadwork Page Shala has all sorts of designs in all sorts of stitches
Shayla Myst's Beadwork Patterns Lots of peyote patterns, most with a fantasy theme, and some for the kids too!
Suzanne Cooper's Free pattern Nice patterns!
Vicki Star A free mini amulet bag pattern and other goodies, updated on occasion

Last updated 19 February 2011