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Our trip started with Steve backing over the stroller. It almost ended when they cancelled our flight from Cincinnati to Burlington, but we couldn't get back to Denver either. We ended up spending the night in Cincinnati, but the flight they'd supposedly gotten us seats on the next morning was oversold. The next flight to Burlington with available seats wasn't for another two days! Here we are, sitting in the Cincinnati airport with no available flights anywhere, trying to figure out what the heck we're going to do. I'm seven months pregnant, tired and hungry with a tired and hungry toddler on what's left of my lap. Steve goes up to talk with one more airline agent. Kaitlyn and I sit down on a cot, and I just can't stop crying. I honestly can't believe we'll have to live in the airport or a nearby hotel for 2 more days before they can get us somewhere. I take a deep breath and notice The Fray's "Be My Baby" is playing on the radio. Suddenly the line "Be my baby and I'll look after you," reminds me of my relationship to the Creator. I don't do it often, but I glanced heavenward and said, "God, I don't understand what's happening here, but show me the way and no matter how difficult, I'll take it." Next thing I know, Steve is waving me over, asking for the atlas. The agent was flipping through computer screens, looking for any flight with available seats, and there just happened to be 3 left, all together, to Allentown, PA. Turns out that's only 3 hours south of my aunt Darcy. It left an hour later with all of us and our luggage aboard. I frantically changed our car reservation. Did you know there's a $400 surcharge for renting a car in one location and returning it to another? Our rental ended up being more than our 3 plane tickets...

Anyway, it was a bit of a spiritual experience and I can honestly say it happened the way it had to. Turns out if we'd gone to the Lizottes' camp first like we'd planned and then driven down to Darcy's, we wouldn't have seen my aunt Doreen and cousin Heather. Uncle Al's sister-in-law had become ill and their travel plans were pushed ahead one day. We also got to spend an extra night with Darcy's family, and that gave my triplet cousins, not quite 5 years old, the time they needed to adjust to us and just be themselves with us. We also got to take Nicholas out for breakfast on the morning we left for camp - his first ever visit to a restaurant, and only 3 weeks before he turns 5. Daniel and Laura are just not ready for that experience, and poor Nicholas misses out on a lot of normal kid stuff because his sibs just can't handle it.

So the family is all doing well, Kaitlyn was an absolute angel during all of the chaos, and our flight back was refreshingly uneventful. The only catch was that my duffel bag came off the conveyor belt completely split open with my clothing flying everywhere. Amazingly all we lost was the bottom to my maternity swimsuit. I'm pretty upset that I only got to wear that thing twice, but I was able to find a suitable replacement on a clearance rack at Target.